Flea Circus Volume 01.

Submissions are now closed.

Perhaps now, more than ever our “Little Victories” matter.  Have you finally finished that project you’ve been working on for months? Perhaps you’ve completed that painting that proved to be so tricky? We want to see your interpretation of “Little Victories”. It can be anything visual; photography, paintings, illustration, sculpture, or even poetry.  

Submit your work for a chance to be included in the inaugural edition of Flea Circus. It’s free to enter, just follow the link to our submission form.


If your work is selected you will receive a virtual copy of the magazine, and print copies will be available to purchase. The deadline for entries is 30th of June.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

© Flea Circus 2020. All rights reserved.

© Flea Circus 2020. All rights reserved.